The video begins with a person playing a hacked mario game as yoshi.He has 25 lives.

The first is hitting him with a shovel.

The second is:a Bowser Shell appears and kicks him down.

The third is Yoshi jumping over the fence.

Fourth is dropping a rock at him

Fifth is frying him.

Sixth is stabbing him with a fork.

Seventh is putting him ito a "thinie"

Eighth is freezing him.

The nineth is grilling him and trying to eat him.

The seventh is putting Yoshi into strawberry water and make a smoothie of him

The eight is: You put him in the oven and make him baked potato.You look in and see sand

The ninth is Koopa Troopa killling him.

The tenth is putting him in the sink, and electroducing him.

A car drives on Yoshi.

Making Yoshi hang

Adding Gasoline, ing, and posion apple in a bottle. and putting yoshi juice ro it he falls in it.

Setting him on fire.

Beileving he is a seed and planting him.

Covering Yoshi with glue and making him die by doing something to him.

Frying him. again

Put him into water.

Sit on him

Lawn him

Put a box of bob-omb to him. He explodes

Make him melt

25 Dumb Ways to Die for your Plush Yoshi.