This is the fifth episode in The Last Ones.

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Meanwhile The Events Of The Previous Episode

"Okay,we've got everything,let's go." says Tony.

"Follow me." says Carlos.

"Come boy." says Tony waiting for Casper.


They're running in the woods.

"How far is it?" asks Carlos.

"I saw a cabin not to far from here." says Tony.

Casper starts barking.

"Ah,there it is!" says Tony.

They go to the cabin,the door is locked.

"Shit!" says Tony.

"What is it?" asks Carlos.

"It's locked."


Tony manages to pick the lock open after some lockpicking and sneaking lessons with John.

"Voila,you may enter." says Tony.

They walk inside,when people suddenly stare at them.

"Diego!" shouts an old woman.

A black man rushes to the living room.

"Who the fuck are you?" asks the man.

"I don't have a good feeling about this Diego." says a man in a doctor's shirt.

"I'm Carlos Diaz,and my freind here is Tony,uuhm,what's your last name again?" asks Carlos.

"Filch,Tony Filch." says Tony.

"Well I don't want you here,so get the fuck out." says Diego.

"Dude,calm down,calm down." says Tony.

"Get the fuck out.Now." says Diego who puts a gun at Carlos' head.

"I think we should go,before he's gonna shoot us." says Carlos

"Your smart." says Diego.

A man walks in not knowing about Tony and Carlos.

"Hey Diego,I gotta use yo-" says the man "Who're they?".

"I don't know,I don't care." says Diego.

"If Diego didn't invite you,then you're not supposed to be in here.Be gone." says the man.

"And what if we won't?" asks Tony.

"Get the fuck out before you cause any trouble."

"Please,don't kill us,we have a community,we're looking for survivors." says Carlos.

"Well tell you leader that we don't need a community." says Diego.

"I AM the fuckin' leader." says Tony.

"He's the leader? You guys can have better."

"You wanna fucking fight?!"

"I'll come if you have a community." says the old woman.

"Well if Mary goes,I gotta go to,I'm her caretaker after all." says the man in the doctor's shirt.

"Count me in guys." says the other man.

"Well if everyone's going,I'll go too I guess." says Diego.

"Okay,our camp is not to far from here,it's at the Ellius Memorial." says Carlos.

"That old place?" asks Diego.

"Yeah,my family lived close to there." says Tony.

"What happened to them?" asks the man in the doctor's shirt.

"I don't know,and I'd rather not talk about it."

"Okay,my name is Patrick by the way,Ptrick Reeds."

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*Does not appear in this episode.

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