This is the seventh episode of The Last Ones.

Story Edit

Tony is sleeping in his tent,he is moving and twisting very much.



"Quick! Get in the car son!" shouts Abraham.

"Dad! What's happening?" asks a young Tony.

"I don't know,but it's bad.We gotta get out of the city,get in the car.NOW!" says Abraham.

"Oh god,what's happening Abraham?" asks Lilly.

"Who's that?!" asks Tony.

"Fuck! It's one of them." shouts Abraham.

"Aaaaaaah!" screams Lilly.

"Nooo! Lilly!" shouts Abraham.

"Moom,mom,mom,no!" cries Tony.

"You fuckers! You got my brother,you got my wife,I won't let you eat my son too!" shouts Abraham.


Sarah and Craig are having sex in their tent.

"Huh,is that Tony?" asks Sarah.

"I think so,probably having nightmares again." says Craig.

"Okay,I guess it's none of our buisness."


They're driving away in the car.

"What's wrong with those people dad?" asks Tony.

"They're not people,Tony." says Abraham.

"What do you mean?"

"Didn't you see? They're frickin' zombies,the unead,y'know,like in that TV show you watch,uhm,The Walking Dead."

"Dad no jokes please,WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?"

"I know itsounds crazy,but I told you,they're walking corps-"

"Dad watch out!"

They crash into a pole.

"Who the fuck put this pole here?" asks Abraham.

"Dad! We gotta go to Sasha!" says Tony.


They arrive at Sasha's house.

"Sasha! It's me,Tony!" says Tony.

Sasha opens the door.

"I-I-I'm bitten.." Sasha says.

"No,no,no..." says Tony.

"You gotta put me down,take Casper."


"I'm sorry boy." says Abraham.

BANG! Sasha lies dead on the ground.


"Aaah!" Tony screams,as he gets up.

"What is it?" asks Peter.

"Nothing,just a bad dream."

Characters Edit

Main Cast:

*Does not appear in this episode.

Supporting Cast:


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