Why The Wiki Needs Any Rules?

Well, we know you can do anything but not really anything.

You can do things that don't abuse anyone. The rules are quick and simple

The Rules

Rule 1# - No Sock-puppeting for harassment/confusion/cheating polls

A sock-puppet account is an account made to avoid banning and to do bad behavior. You can be blocked for a long, long time if it is proofed you made a sock-puppet account.

Rule 2# - No Spam

Spam can (sadly) happen anywhere. It could be on chat or on the user pages/talk pages and even on wiki pages. You can get blocked for some time if its bad and insulting.

Rule 3# - Insulting

"Go <The F-Word> yourself" or "<The F-Word> you" are insults, and we ban if we see them. Don't do it but as you see that someone insults you or someone else, report it to an administrator. The more you insult people, the longer the ban.

Rule 4# No personal images

Please only upload images that can go to wiki articles, you can use it on your user page.

Rule 5# Admin No more

Saw an admin breaking rules or abusing his power? Screen-shoot it and report it to our bureaucrats (Users that have admin rights and can remove admin rights)

Rule 6# Chat Ban

If you spam on chat or swear, then you can be "Banned from chat". Most of these bans are for an hour but try not to get banned from chat.

Rule 7# Adding unnecessary images

Adding 4/5 images to any pages to a page is unnecessary. For this you will be punished.


Thanks for reading, That was a quick page about some rules that can help you stay out of trouble.

Bye :)

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