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  • I was born on October 21
  • My occupation is Editing
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  • Rieda

    Job's For All (2)

    January 23, 2015 by Rieda

    Okay, everyone has removed their bureaucrat rights (Not counting Thibo, he isn't Bureaucrat). So, I am gonna do a thing for the next Bureaucrats of Do Anything wiki. From in total 3 of the bureaucrats (Night Bloom,AwesomeJ108,Mehrab123), we will choose 2 

    (Not counting me):
    Poll problem solved. Vote in the comments down there, don't vote for yourself:

    Okay! The first bureaucrat of our wiki is Night Bloom! Everyone, vote again between Mehrab and AJ down in the comments:

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  • Rieda

    Job's for all

    January 15, 2015 by Rieda

    Hey, I'm Mahsaad. Today I'm gonna divide the work between us (4 bureaucrats, 1 administrator). If you feel like your work should be changed or you want to suggest something feel free to comment down there. So, dividing the job between us will be like this:

    You will do the templates, and you have to get ideas for it. If you want you can ask others. And, you'll help Thibo. And other normal user stuff (adding pages, pictures etc) until next order.

    You will add pages, add pages, pictures, and grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation in other pages. And other normal user stuff until next order.

    You will handle user rights and maintain them, you will edit the Community Corner, with adding pages and pictures plus grammar, spelling, capitalizat…

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  • Rieda

    The Starting Of The Wiki

    January 10, 2015 by Rieda

    Hello, whoever you are.

    I am Mahsaad. The founder of this wiki.
    I usually didn't edit that much in this wiki. In that time, my brother joined the wiki and we started editing. We added many things.
    In that time a user, Timmy fenton started editing. He made some pages. After that, another main user of our wiki came with the name AJ. He made some templates and did some work that I needed to do but I didn't had time.
    Then, a user named TMU came, who improved the wiki and made the wiki a part of TMU-isation. It was a good thing for us. And in that time Timmy had to leave for some reason.
    We lose a user, but after that, the new user of our wiki Thibo came and has done a lot of editing. In this time, AJ is helping him maintain the work. He (Thibo) is…

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