Hey, I'm Mahsaad. Today I'm gonna divide the work between us (4 bureaucrats, 1 administrator). If you feel like your work should be changed or you want to suggest something feel free to comment down there. So, dividing the job between us will be like this:


You will do the templates, and you have to get ideas for it. If you want you can ask others. And, you'll help Thibo. And other normal user stuff (adding pages, pictures etc) until next order.


You will add pages, add pages, pictures, and grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation in other pages. And other normal user stuff until next order.

Night Bloom

You will handle user rights and maintain them, you will edit the Community Corner, with adding pages and pictures plus grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation and and other normal user stuff until next order.


You will add pages about your fan-fiction story, add pictures about it, and do grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation fixes plus other normal user stuff until next order.


You will do the tough work (CSS, JS) and Chat.js, Wikia.js and other stuff like this to make the wiki clean and beautiful. You will handle Top Navigation and Wiki Features. I don't want anyone to change the features but you. We don't need Article comments, only talk page. But Message wall is good.


Arright, the dividing is done. So, I want something for you guys to do. Everyone has to demote themselves to only admin, no bureaucrats. More information will be in next blog. Everyone has to do it. No questions about this.

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